Monday, November 1, 2010

Nisa Chevènement at La Galerie de l'Europe

On 28 October 2010, Nisa Chevènement opened her exhibition of twelve bronze sculptures. Nisa Chevènement's exhibition runs until 4 November 2010. 
Nisa's work has been exposed in conjunction with Sylvie Sarrazin's exhibition of oil paintings which remains open until 11 November 2010.
The exhibition features twelve bronze sculptures from Nisa Chevènement's own collection.
Nisa Chevènement and Sylvie Sarrazin are pictured here exploring one of Nisa's sculptures.
Over two meters high, this work in bronze is just one in a series of similar pieces.
Nisa's work is placed side-by-side with the oil paintings of Sylvie Sarrazin.
Her work demonstrates the strong presence of her native Egyptian cultural heritage in her work. Here we see a piece that was inspired by the many pigeon coups to be found on Cairo rooftops.
The works of both artists, oil paintings and bronze sculptures, have been brought together as "A meeting of the eyes". 
Here we witness a rich crossing of cultural and personal perspectives by two contemporary artists with very different backgrounds who share a common working place: Pairs, France.
See the Nisa Chevènement's Gallery for more works.
Allez à la Galerie de Nisa Chevènement pour découvrir encore plus d'oeuvres.

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