Welcome to the workshop. Or should we say the house?

Here we are going to post images and other visual elements that give insight into Sylvie Sarrazin's creative life and process. Your viewing some images of her workshop, or studio, which just also happens to be her house. 

So much for separating work and pleasure. Guess they must be the same thing for Sarrazin.

The idea for this page is to produce something of a scrapbook. So you might find all sorts of things here. Suppose it's just a place to explore a bit.

Of course, the page is a work in progress. In fact, the whole blog is just that. Suppose that is the nature of a good blog; a work in progress. Hope you enjoy it.

Let's just get started with this: some photos of her workspace, located in Ivry-sur-Seine.

The studio is located in a complex of loft apartments. The building itself was once an industrial site (not sure yet what kind). 

The overhanging cranes and scaffolding structures of the conveyor belts are still visible. These days, instead of dripping grease they are now cascading with vines and other plants. 

It is a fantastic place. The apartments are filled with artists, architects, designers, printers and all sorts of other people who seem to be doing nice things. 

Children run around freely, without having to worry about cars screaming about. It is quite the oasis. When your inside the complex it is hard to imagine you are actually in the outer rings of Paris. 

It is a great place to live and work. It is Sylvie's domain. Here she is pictured in front of one of the many work tables which also double, from time to time, as places to eat.

Hidden in here, amongst the paintings, pots of paints, jars of brushes, objects of all types and this wonderful wooden table, is Sylvie's kitchen. Some real culinary storms get brewed up ... and we love our storms. A good feast is always a dramatic event.

Of course, you can see that this is a work table. Is that a coffee stain on the top right?

When there is some free time, Sylvie will write in some notes about here techniques and methods. Here you can see her at work mixing colors. So, stay tuned. If you have any questions, why ask it via email or drop a comment on the Home page? 

It is actually quite remarkable that Sylvie works in a fairly ordered world. Her studio is pretty clean most of the time. As you can see, there are several works on the go at once. And still the studio looks orderly. It is funny, but it seems that nobody ever walks away from a visit with paint smudges on their clothes. How is that? The wall, on the other hand, is not so lucky!